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Re-branding Manchester's iconic Midland Hotel.

The Midland Hotel in Manchester is an icon of the city. It was here that Charles Rolls met Henry Royce leading to the formation of Rolls-Royce Limited in 1904, and The Beatles were famously refused access to the French Restaurant for being “inappropriately dressed”. Currently a 4-star hotel, it has been operational for over 100 years and has a reputation to match its longevity.

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  • Design
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  • Hospitality

The challenge  /

Following a change in ownership in 2018 we were briefed to create a new brand for the hotel. The requirements included the need to reflect the hotel’s history and reputation, but have a contemporary feel that matched the expectation of guests. A reference to the Manchester and the hotel’s location at the heart of one of the UK’s coolest cities were also required. Alongside these key requirements it also had to adhere to the new owner’s brand guidelines.

Our idea  /

Taking inspiration from classic fonts and design elements we created a clean and contemporary wordmark. We felt there was no need for a logo as it would detract from the name, which holds so much value and heritage. We also omitted the word “hotel” from the design in order to focus on the Midland name, which is commonly used by guests as well as Mancunians, to describe the hotel.

In terms of its geography we included “Manchester”, and positioned it very much front and centre to ensure that there is no mistake which Midland Hotel this is.

The stripped back logo worked for international audiences too with the straightforward elements needing little translation.

Something that didn’t need to be considered in 1903 was the hotel’s online persona. This was now an obvious consideration and the logo’s san serif design, the body font and colour palette were all created to work as well on screen as in physical print.

The results  /

The client was overjoyed with the look and feel of the new brand. It stands alongside any similar hotel on an international stage and will act as a template for further hotels in this micro-chain.

With the clean lines and uncluttered design it reflects the focused quality of the brand, is easily understood by guests and will serve the hotel well in the next chapter of its life.