GDPR – The Death of Email Marketing

As of 25th May 2018, you will no longer be able to send marketing emails to your database of clients and prospects without specific consent. At Colour Cubed, we think this is an opportunity and not a threat.

Not familiar with the acronym GDPR? It’s now a commonly used term referring to the General Data Protection Regulations coming into force this May. The new regulations which will replace the Data Protection Act of 2008 will apply to anyone handling the personal data of European citizens which means that customers will no longer be able to use email marketing in the same way.

At Colour Cubed, we’ve already been champions of Direct Mail due to its higher response and conversion rates compared to email marketing, and with the new legislation coming into force, there is a real opportunity for businesses to position themselves ahead of competitors by demonstrating good marketing practices.

With the new legislation comes confusion and uncertainty. That’s where the Colour Cubed GDPR game comes in, explaining the key facts and outlining why alternative marketing methods such as Direct Mail and Social Media marketing are the way forward.

Download the GAME, pop out the SPINNER and PLAY to find out how Colour Cubed can help with your next marketing campaign.

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