How Important is Responsive Website Design?

The way we use the internet has come a long way since it first burst onto people’s PCs – the days of bleepy, screechy 56k dial-up modems and bulky beige CRT monitors are well behind us, to be replaced by svelte laptops and mobile devices in every pocket across the country. For a web designer, this creates a new challenge – this new range of devices brings with it a new range of screen sizes which our work must adapt to. We refer to this as responsive website design.

These screen sizes have become widely varied – from tiny Android phones to phablets like the iPhone 7 Plus and the Galaxy Note to larger fully-fledged tablets, small portable laptops to huge 27″ monitors, these days a website must perform well across screens of all shapes and sizes.

In an age where everybody, no matter how technophobic, is becoming accustomed to browsing the web on a small screen, not making your site user-friendly and easy to navigate on these devices would be a huge oversight as a business owner. In fact, we’ve become so attached to our mobile devices that three quarters of us admit to taking our phones to the bathroom with us – gross!

Not only is responsive website design important for your users, it’s also now a large factor in your search engine optimisation efforts too. In April 2015, Google announced that mobile friendliness would become a ranking factor on mobile devices. This means that the responsiveness of your website will have a direct effect on where you show up in Google’s results pages – granted this is only on mobile devices and won’t affect desktop search, but with more searches happening on mobile than on desktop these days, can you really afford to disregard them?

All of the websites we build at Colour Cubed are 100% mobile friendly as standard – if you’ve got a website which you feel isn’t behaving as well as it could be on your mobile device (and you can check what Google think here), then get in touch with us to discuss how we can bring it up to speed across all devices with a mobile friendly revamp!

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