Our Rebrand

Why did we do it?

A bit like a builder who never finishes his house, rebranding an agency is always a tricky piece of work. There are lots of reasons why it’s so difficult, the most obvious are that you’ve always got paid work to get out the door and there are only so many hours in the day. The next reason is wanting to take on board the opinion of everyone involved. Branding is very subjective and there are usually a number of routes open to an organisation, many of them perfectly viable. It’s great that everyone has an opinion, but far too often it leads to a decision by committee which rarely delivers the best outcome.

So why did we do it now? We had been discussing a re-fresh of the Colour Cubed brand for a number of months. The brand, as it was, wasn’t really reflective of the work we had been producing over the last couple of years. The business had changed so much during this period and was now working with more multi-national hospitality and manufacturing clients than ever before. Our offer as an agency had also evolved with an ever-increasing range of services available to our clients. Again, this wasn’t reflected anywhere within the brand.

There were more and more practical reasons too. It was difficult to use online and it had also been diluted with a couple of iterations in existence which were being used on various documents, promotional items and electronically. As we were competing with bigger agencies for work we could judge the brand as it stood amongst its peers. With this comparison it was obvious it didn’t communicate the scale of our agency and the skillset that sat behind it.

With the evidence stacking up against the existing brand a decision was made to make the change.

So, what did we do?

We started by removing the logo “box” device and strip the brand identity back to a simple wordmark. We wanted a wordmark that reflected the history and stability of the agency and have a gravitas that would give client and prospects confidence that we would be able to deliver what we promised. Helvetica fitted this description perfectly. Used by some of the world’s biggest brands it ticked all the boxes we needed it to. Practically it works well both online and offline too and Arial sits alongside nicely for all bodycopy.

The wordmark is used in conjunction with a forward slash. This device forms part of the wordmark for two reasons. It has been used in our previous logos as a punctuation device and that link with the past is important as it gives the design a link to our heritage. The second meaning/usage of the forward slash is a separator in urls. It indicates there is something to follow or even something more to say. This is important as many of our clients have been working with us for years, evidence that there is always something more we can help them with.

We have introduced four key service offerings as part of the main brand package, each reflecting the current direction of the business and the blueprint for the next few years. We need customers to know what we do and as we are not (yet) a household name they sometimes need a little guidance and education. The four services are:

Design: at the heart of everything we do, from a website to a brochure, from an exhibition stand to an eshot.

Print: still a very important part of our business, with clients relying on our buying power and knowledge to meet their needs.

Websites: the focus of our growth in the coming years.

Marketing: with so many other services in-house we couldn’t possibly list them all in a sensible way, so this is almost a catch-all for everything else we can do to help clients.

Supporting the main logo are the visual devices. The main colour palette of black and white gives the design a clear focus. It is supported by a secondary palette, with the existing brand colours of cyan, magenta and yellow referencing back to our print heritage and previous logos. We’ve introduced a clear image style for internal imagery and also a clear style of how we present client work. This was further developed via a photoshoot that captured the staff at work and the personality of the business in our location in Halesowen.

Our tone of voice has evolved over the last few years, driven by the personalities in the business. We haven’t changed this in anyway and we will make sure this comes through in all of our communication. We are proud of our Black County roots, but not inward looking and are very happy to talk about that. We like to think we have a sense of humour and we are not afraid of making our clients smile – after all a black and white logo for a company called Colour Cubed has to make you chuckle.

So, there we have it – a brand refresh, a new website, some great promotional products and an insight to why and how. Let us know what you think!