The End of Boring Company Polo Shirts?

Thinking of buying branded clothing this year but would like something a bit different from the same old polo shirts, sweatshirts and fleeces?

Companies and other organisations are now supplying their employees with ‘fashionable’ garments that are branded with ‘retail quality’ decoration. The choice is now massive and includes denim, varsity wear, tailored clothing, hi-tech jackets, officially branded football shirts, rugby shirts but so much more than that.



The 2017 Colour Cubed Clothing Catalogue is now available with nearly 900 pages of quality garments and if you’d like to see what type of clothing is now available we’ll get one sent round to you with one of our new Colour Cubed note pads and a Colour Cubed pen as well!

If you’re thinking of getting some corporate branded clothing this year and would like a change please talk to us, you’d be surprised at what’s now available and how we can put your logo on in ways you never even knew existed!

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