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Every school, college or university is different and we go to great lengths to identify the character and uniqueness of every single one we work with.

From a new logo to a full rebrand of your online and offline marketing, our expertise ensures your brand is consistent, unique and relevant.


The Colour Cubed team have excelled in understanding what our vision is, and in linking our vision and mission through our brand across multiple school phases.

The work completed by Colour Cubed has been of the highest standard, completed to deadlines and produced in line with our Christian values whilst remaining sympathetic to each individual schools history.”

— Helen Parkes
— MAC Strategic Business Director

extensive experience - translating professional services into exciting propositions which stand out

We are a results-driven creative communications agency for today’s education sector.

Equipped with a thorough understanding of your organisation’s ethos and strengths, we put ourselves in the best position to deliver a highly individual, creative solution which really suits your needs.

We can advise you on suitable marketing options including website development, social media management, branding, creative design, photography, prospectuses, stationery, newsletters, signage, external graphics and branded merchandise.

We work closely with every client to capture the personality of their school, college or university across every touchpoint. Whatever your requirements, we will be delighted to discuss how we can help you.


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